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Archive for April 1st, 2010

Types Of Jewelry Boxes

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

There are many different types of jewelry boxes available in the market place today. Most are beautiful and made of just about all materials. A jewelry box serves as place where on keeps jewelry and other precious trinkets. Some jewelry boxes are family heirlooms having passed on from generation to the next. Some are simple designed wooden boxes whilst others are extravagantly jewelry studded porcelain boxes.

Originally jewelry boxes had a flip top lid with a musical song that played when you opened the lid. Over time however, jewelry boxes have changed. They are now being built with more drawers to accommodate more jewelry. Choosing the perfect jewelry box can be a challenge. Take into account what you want to store in it, which will then determine the size. The lining of the jewelry box is usually velvet, which serves to protect you precious collectables. Another determinant is the amount of money you are willing to spend.

A handmade jewelry box adds a personal touch to a gift and can be made with some woodworking knowledge. If you have the tools required for a wood work project, this could be very satisfactory. The recipient of such a gift will treasure it immensely.

First you need to start by looking over other jewelry boxes to get ideas. Once you have your ideas, determine the dimensions of the jewelry box you are interested in making. The size will be determined by the function of the box. How much jewelry will be stored in the box. Does your gift recipient have a lot of jewelry or trinkets or will they keep the jewelry box for display purposes? Then make a full scale drawing of the jewelry box. Next decide on the box proportion that you will use for your jewelry box. There are standard sizes for boxes; double cube, 1-2-3 box, root of 2 box. If you are making multiple boxes choose one size to save time. Decide on the type of wood you will use. This will depend solely on your budget, the hardness of the wood, the woods texture and the general workability of the wood and your level of expertise. If you have instructions follow them closely for a unique jewelry box.

If you use a purchased box or even a handmade one consider getting it engraved. This gives the box owner a sense of ownership.