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Charm Bracelets Are Gifts for Any Occasion

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

A charm bracelet is certainly a lovely piece of jewelry, but most of the value lies in the sentimentality and not in the amount of monetary. Women see charm bracelets as much more than just an accessory. These charm bracelets are more like beautiful scrapbooks that can be worn. The recipient can continue trinkets from several various memories in one place, including souvenirs from trips, gifts for accomplishments, or remembrances of special occasions. Being able to keep all of these memories in one place is truly priceless.

There are many opportunity that are perfect for these beautiful charms. One of the most popular times to give a charm bracelet or the trinkets that go with the bracelets is at a high school or college graduation. The best charms to give at this time are often associated to the extra-curricular activities that the scholar enjoyed during her school time. Chess pieces for the chess club member, a megaphone for the cheerleader, and a book for the valedictorian are all great ideas for trinkets. You can also add a graduation cap or a diploma to the bracelet so that she will always remember why she received the bracelet.

Some husbands may choose to give a charm bracelet as a first anniversary gift. The idea can be improved upon if you then add a new charm for every anniversary. If you take special trips for your anniversary, you can purchase trinkets that remind you of your anniversary trips. This type of bracelet will bring her joy for years to come, especially when you plan trips around the trinkets that she would like to own. Charm bracelets have a way of taking on a life of their own, and you will see that happen as you continue to add special memories over the years.

When you see just how to please the memories make her, you will understand that it is not the price of the bracelet that matters. You can option precious metals of silver, gold, or platinum, or you can choose a stainless steel chain that can support several different charms. There are trinkets made of precious stones, or you can also find some made with beautiful glass or even plastic. You will soon realize that the materials don’t problem. Finding the perfect trinket for the occasion at hand will become much more important than buying diamonds or gold.

Gold Charm Bracelets

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Bracelets have always been around for centuries. These are accessories worn on the wrist and are sometimes called wristbands or bangles. They have been fashioned from a bracer, a covering used in the medieval times.

Gold bracelets vary in designs, in materials, size and shape all over the world, depending on the culture and society. They are small, beautiful and dazzling. These days, they have now become a basic daily accessory like watches and earrings.

In earlier days, people would use special items as charms. These included the almost proverbial rabbit’s foot, which was supposed to bless the wearer with increased luck. Later on, as time progressed, these beliefs slowly faded away, leaving charms as just another way of making a fashion statement. During the 1950’s, sporting charms was a rage in the world of fashion. The trend slowly declined in the 60’s, picking up again in the 70’s. Even now, wearing a charm is considered to be the trademark of a fashion-savvy individual. Also, charms are no longer those “special items”, but pieces of gold or other precious metals in interesting shapes.

Gold charm bracelets – where it all started

The most traditional charms available include chain link charm bracelets. Gold bracelets are the in-thing right now, and these bracelets lead the frontline of the product ranges. The gold chain bracelet consists of a series of loops. The charms are attached to these loops. The bracelets of this kind were first designed by Paolo Gensini, an Italian jewelry designer in the late 80’s. In the original design, the links are attached to one another with point-to-point connections, giving a stretchy look to the entire product. This is the most popular style of these pieces even today. A second style, also getting quite popular, has a rounded bracelet and the tokens are clamped around it. The arrangement allows the tokens to spin around, giving a distinct look to the total arrangement.

Taking care of gold charm bracelets

As with any other trendy jewelry, these pieces require little maintenance. Simply soaking these in warm water with some gentle liquid soap added to it, followed by a wipe with a soft, dry cloth will keep these looking like new for a long time to come. Care should be taken not to wipe the charms that are enameled in a rough manner. This may tarnish the enamel coating. Also, chemicals must not be used to clean the bracelets, to make sure that the painted charms are not harmed by the cleaning. Regular jewelry cleaners can be used to clean the bracelet itself, and this is a better alternative, as it will remove any residues that might have accumulated on the bracelet, due to exposure to sweat and moisture.

Gold charm bracelets are some of the most trendy jewelry pieces available. With proper maintenance, these can last for years and perfectly complement almost any contemporary ensemble with élan.